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So, you've found yourself here...

as have I.

31 December 1983
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1950s, a perfect circle, addams family, alice cooper, alice in wonderland, alternative beauty, alternative parenting, amy brown, androgyny, anita blake series, anne rice, anti-circumcision, art, attachment parenting, auras, b-movies, bats, bauhaus, beetlejuice, bella morte, bettie page, bif naked, black, black cats, black phoenix alchemy lab, black velvet, blind melon, blondie, blood red, body modification, books, boondock saints, burlesque, camping, cats, celtic, christian death, classic horror films, co-sleeping, cocteau twins, corpse bride, corsets, coven 13, dark, dave navarro, david bowie, deathrock, degrassi, depeche mode, dia de los muertos, donnie darko, dragons, dye, edgar allen poe, edge102, edward scissorhands, edwardian, elvira, faith no more, family, family guy, ferrets, gore, goth, goth culture, goth fashion, gothic, gothic mommies, gothic rock, guns n' roses, hair, hair dye, hair styles, halloween, hearses, him, horror, horror movies, jay & silent bob, johnny cash, johnny depp, joy division, kate winslet, kevin smith, labyrinth, lace, laurell k. hamilton, living dead dolls, lord of the rings, lycanthropy, mac, marilyn monroe, moonlight, motley crue, my husband, nightmare before christmas, nin, nine inch nails, occult, ozzy osbourne, pagan, pagan holidays, paganism, pale skin, paranormal, phantom of the opera, piercings, pin-up, pin-up girls, platform boots, queen, rockabilly, rocky horror picture show, samhain, saturnalia, seamed stockings, serial killers, shakespeare, siouxsie and the banshees, sisters of mercy, skinny puppy, stone temple pilots, swords, system of a down, tank girl, tarot cards, tattoos, tea party, tenacious d, the arrogant worms, the cure, the distillers, the doors, the horrorpops, the smiths, tim burton, tool, trent reznor, velvet, vintage, vintage fashion, wicca, zombies